Jew-Yadav Connection

It is suggested that biblical city or people called Ophir is equivalent of Indian Abhira. In the 19th century Max Muller and other scholars identified Ophir with Abhira, at the mouth of the Indus River in modern-day Pakistan. It is mentioned in Biblical scriptures that King Solomon used to bring Gold, Silver, Ivory, Peacocks, sandalwood, silk etc. from the Kingdom of Ophirs. After every three years his ships used to go to the land of the Ophirs from Sinai on the banks of the Red Sea and bring comodities, jewellary and unique things for the King Solomon. This shows a strong Yadav Jew connection & family relation existed during pre Biblical period.

Peacocks were brought to Jerusalem by King Solomon's (a Yadav king) fleet (Kings 10:22, 2 Chron. 9:21) from the Kingdom of Ahirs in India. Since peacocks are only found in Indian Subcontinent, the depiction of Peacocks in the paintings of King Solomons, only confirms the fact that peacoks were brought from India & the King Solomon has a great love for these bird's.  Lord Krishna loved peacocks so much that He used to place its feather on His head.

On this basis, some scholars seek Yadav and Jews connection. According to Stephen Knapp, the Greeks referred to the Jews as Judeos, or Jah deos or Yadavas, meaning people of Ya or descendants of Yadu, one of the sons of Yayati. It is also regarded that the basis of the Kabbalah, the book of Jewish mystical concepts, as described in The Holy Kabbalah by Arthur Edward Waite, is linked with Vedas. Yadavas were possessors of great mystical knowledge is confirmed in Bhagvad Gita itself which says same knowledge was given to Manu (first man on earth), Surya and Ikshavaku (ancestor of Lord Rama) at very ancient time. It is believed Abhira were the link between eastern and western religions. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan offers confirmation of this heritage in his book Pracya Mattu Paschatya Sanskriti, "that the Greeks asserted that the Jews were Indians whom the Syrians called Judea, the Sanskrit synonym of which is Yadava or yaudheya, and the Indians called them Kalanis, [sic] meaning orthodox followers of scripture." The characteristic of strictly following scriptural injunctions is a noted similarity, and would seem to be a requirement of anybody to be identified as a Jew.

According to the history of Jews & the Life of Moses, Jews concidered themselves as the choosen people of the Almighty (God). Its very relevant since Yadav's are the choosen people by the Supreme Personality of Godhead-Shri Krishna and He appeared in Yadav dynasty. Also, Jews mysticall scriptures (Kaballah) talks about reincarnation and philosophy which finds its source in Vedas.

So its very clear that Jews are the descendent of Yadu and they ruled the European provinces. Jews like Yadavs are considered to be very daring & intelligent. Israil- a small Jew country, is surrounded by Muslims for thousand of years, but they are so daring that they have preserved their Jewish traditions and not have bowed to the suicied attacks of the Muslims. Albert Einsteint- a Jew- is one if the greatest scientist ever. Practically whole of America is run and controlled by the Jews. 

Jews used to worship cows and a deity called "BAL". Yadav's are also the cowherds and they worship "Bal Govinda"- the Supreme Gwal. The name of Jewish & Christian God is Yahweh (Jehova). But according to Torah & Bible the name of God is three sylable. According to Vedas & Bhagavat Gita one of the Lord Krishna's name is "Yadav". In Sanskrit, it has got three sylables.

Jehovah is an anglicized representation of Hebrew the name that, according to the Bible, God revealed to his people,also dubbed "the proper name of God". The earliest available Latin text to use a vocalization similar toJehovah dates from the 13th century. It was certainly not the historical vocalization of the Tetragrammaton at the time of the redaction of the Pentateuch (6th century BCE), at which time the most likely vocalization was YAHWEH. The historical vocalization was lost because in Second temple Judaism, during the 3rd to 2nd centuries BCE, the pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton came to be avoided, being substituted with Adonai "my Lords". Others say that it is the pronunciation Yahweh that is testified in both Christian and pagan texts of the early Christian era.Some argue thatJehovah is preferable to Yahweh, based on their conclusion that the Tetragrammaton was likely tri-syllabic originally, and that modern forms should therefore also have three syllables.

So this is very good evidence that the God of Jews or  "Jah Deoas" were no other than Yadavs and their God "Yahweh" is no other than Lord Krishna Himself, Whose one of the name is "Yadava" (Reference Bhagavad Gita 11.41).

The Jews relegious symbol- the star of David (two inverted trangles) is a Vedic Symbol and ia called Gopal Yantra (or Laxmi Narayan Yantra etc.).

                                                         Gopal Yantra

Different Vedic Yantras
Vedic Star drawn as alpana in front of Indian houses
Plant formation of Star of David in a Israili city(Compare & notice the similarity with alpana done in front of the Indian houses)Star of David from a stone carving found in Israile (300 A.D)(Notice the similarity with Gopal Yantra)Star of David in old Jewish Scriptures (See the similarity with gopal yantra)
Jewish symbol
  Gopal Yantra in the flag of israileJewish Star od David. Notice the similarity with Gopal Yantra.
The Map Washington DC.USA. The Vedic yantras has been incorporated in the city desings & architecture. Most of the city planners & architects were from Jewish Background and they call themselves Freemassions.
 The Seal of King Solomon (a Yadav King). Notice the Gopal Yantra formation. It must be realized that the King Solomon seal is circled by Ouroboros the serpent god Lucifer biting his tail, which indicates to Chapter 4 of the 613 Jewish Torah commandments which is titled “Reincarnation.” Amazingly the Jewish Star of David or King Solomon’s seal, along with the 9 points of light titled as Jewish Menorah have both been placed on the rear side of the Annuit Coeptis “In God we Trust” E Pluribus Unum George Washington graven image New World order USA $1 bill.  FAMOUS JEWS

Dharmendra Yadav